Dark Passenger

I am a taker
of innocence,
a breaker of hearts,
a dark passenger
in the shadow
of a life torn apart;
I’m a deceiver,
a liar,
a passionate heart
once on fire,
a light snuffed out,
death by desire.


With you I’ve felt it,
in my mind,
down my spine
and in my veins;
your essence,
your presence
and your very being,
running through me
like a river,
crushing me
like a wave,
the ebb and flow
of our love,
like the tide,
always undulating.

No Other Way

I wish I knew
another way to be,
another way to show
what you mean to me,
but I only know one,
that captures the depth,
the width and the breadth,
and the vastness of this
love Im expressing with
every chance that I get,
every glance that is met,
each kiss from your lips
and the curve of your hips,
as my hand makes it’s way,
like a sculptor with clay,
they move and they sway
and obey every touch as
my hands are conveying,
what words cant by saying,
these emotions I’m feeling
and it has your head reeling,
now our bodies are floating
and our minds begin blowing,
racing hearts might explode
but we just keep on going,
till we are both drenched,
just dripping in sweat and
swept up in this moment
till our bodies are spent
and you finally can see
what I mean when I say,
I’d show my love better
but I know no other way.


We souls,
lost and lonely,
with wild
and restless hearts,
we free
and reckless youth,
with lives
all torn apart,
we fierce
and fearless dreamers,
without roots
or any home,
we brave
and daring creatures,
we dive off
into the unknown.

L’appétit de l’amour




Like Home




It’s You





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