The Morning After

29 Sep

The story always ends
the very same way
despite it always starting
different every single day,
you love me, you hate me,
you can’t live another
moment without me,
until the morning after
when perceptions realign
and you’re no longer mine,
how many countless times
has this cycle been repeating,
how I always find myself
replaying our fateful meeting,
but fleeting is a wish made
every night before bed,
knowing all too well that
a favorable outcome is just
a dream inside my head.


28 Sep

Laid out on my back,
the sea beneath,
I draw a breath
and begin to see
the past converging
on the present
and the future’s spent
swallowing my soul,
taking me places
I never thought
possible to go.
My body washed
towards the shore,
but my mind is still
lost, long overboard,
still drifting to you
in the ocean of time,
always hoping to find
a place called home.


25 Sep

I remember lots of things,
like the smell of sea salt
in your hair,
or the softness of your lips
and the wetness of your tongue,
the warmth that I felt
when I was inside you,
but the one thing
that I remember most
is how much I enjoyed
hitting you for the first time,
the beautiful bruises I left
which you wore proudly
like a badge of honor,
and my only wish,
my only recurring dream,
is tearing off your jeans
so I can do it all again
…and again
……and again!


14 Sep

All these bars we’ve closed
and all the burned bridges,
all these scars that remain
even after removed stitches,
we both know what this is
despite our attempts to deny,
I’ve wasted all these tears
chasing you down streets
of wasted years and leftover
feelings of hanging on tight,
and yet here I am still fighting
for you and me to be excused
for being caught in the middle,
of our own shit that won’t subside
and can you blame me for trying,
can you blame me for caring
and never giving up on this
tide that’s just now turning.


10 Sep

there are
during the day,
in which I feel as if
my muse has left me;
not simply inspiration
taking a needed break,
or my thoughts taking time
trying to find some answers,
but that it just left me, empty,
like a house, that’s vacant inside,
nothing to seek or find anymore,
like a mind abandoned beneath
the creaky wooden floorboards,
an afterthought, gathering dust,
or a limb that’s withered away,
wasted and taking up space,
displacing the emptiness yet
never really taking it’s place.

Meant to be

6 Aug

I miss the kiss
of your lips,
the curve
of your hips,
the small
of your back
and your long
black hair.
I miss the way
that you fit
into my arms as if
we were always
meant to be a pair.


5 Aug

It’s a perfect night
for a suicide,
I’m jumping off, diving
tired of hiding
all this pain inside,
tonight’s the night,
it’s time for me
to finally die


1 Aug

I’ve never felt so
hopelessly alone,
so utterly ignored,
unthought of
and unknown.
I want to disappear,
vanish without a trace,
leave no memory of me,
I just want to be erased.


28 Jul

I despise the way
you smile at me
as you fucking lie
through your teeth,
and I grieve the loss
of your honesty
as I witness you
murdering the truth.
This brutal betrayal
conveys your indifference
and I wish that you’d
split the difference in two
and leave me alone,
instead of destroying
what’s left of my soul
by toying with me
until you get bored.


27 Jul

Even though
I know it’s cracked,
somewhere deep
within your heart
is a light that shines
through all the black,
but the hurtful words
hurled from your lips,
sunk in too deep
to be taken back.


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