17 Mar
In a past life
I think I must have
somehow outgrown this world,
my love of material things
faded and waned
and then it was replaced
with a love for an eternal being,
how many times
have I found you,
how many lifetimes
have we been bound,
and how long can this 
terra firma sphere
keep spinning round and round,
flinging us from fling to fling,
bringing us ever closer
to this thing called the end;
and even though that week
was as brief as a heartbeat,
the way we were elevated
to that ethereal place
was no small feat
by any means, 
if I have to wait 
a thousand more years
for this distance to dissipate,
for this heartache to abate,
then that’s what I’ll do
because being back in your arms
isn’t just a dream,
it’s our inescapable fate.


6 Mar
I sit and stare 
out my window wondering,
why it is that
you aren’t coming 
around anymore,
why my door
has fallen suddenly silent,
why the soft, subtle 
sound of your singing 
isn’t ringing in my ears,
as days turn to months
and lapse into years,
my waiting presence
in the window lessens 
until at last it just disappears.


3 Mar
I am my fathers son,
but the man he was
I will never become
I watch the amber liquid swirl
round the bottom of the snifter,
the old mans very own elixir,
how quick his fists of fury flew,
the beauty of his left hook thrown,
such elegance in its follow through,
My mothers arms
that hid her face
in graceful desperation,
how they flailed
but always failed
to defend for the duration,
the wrenching sadness
and sorrowful eyes,
the complicity of shame,
the violent madness
and silent goodbye,
the terror in my gaze,
in remembering
all these memories 
I always forget to drink.


1 Mar
My mind is often
cast like a breeze
through the cedars,
and I see her 
beyond the desert dust,
devoid of any
lust for this world, 
her heart is pure
for she holdeth 
no rose between her lips
nor weareth any crown
of flowers upon her head;
it is said the truth lies 
to the east
where she resides, 
in Beirut, where my future
no longer waits for me,
what could’ve been,
what should’ve been,
a love that still
may someday be.
for Cynthia


28 Feb

You only come to me now 

in waves 
that are decaying,
the heave seems shorter
than it used to be,
and the period between
crests is increasing 
from our attenuation,
a dissipation of attention,
the calming of affection,
but I remember when 
we were still leeward,
how beautifully we sailed
on deep sea swells 
that would rise 
to heights we’d not seen, 
how splendid it all seemed,
until we refracted,
began to start shoaling
and I overreacted,
we split, courses shifted,
and I admittedly became 
just another incident wave.


27 Feb

Once I was loved

and I loved,
as if I was above 
all natural laws,
you got your claws
so deep into me
that even the power
of the sea couldn’t 
separate or save 
me from you and
you from me,
and only time can see
what will be or
what will become
of us, the strangers
waiting at the station,
across the street,
feet facing each other
but never knowing 
which way the wind blows.


22 Feb


Just A Thought…

17 Jan

The world is just darkness
and we all are its light,
we fill it up with our thoughts
and we perceive it by sight,
with our will we create,
with hands we make manifest,
the souls virtue a compass,
towards what’s best it directs,
so if that which we put out
is that which we take in,
let us all keep this in mind
lest we all create our own end.

The Great Transformation

16 Jan

I remember being alone,
I remember the hunt,
the chase,
and the kill,
I remember how the
taste of blood was
the true thrill of victory;
but no longer are we wild,
savage beasts untamed,
we became domesticated,
shameful restrained animals
too mild and timid in our ways,
so harmless, so helpless,
so senselessly useless,
we have given up control
and forgotten how to do this,
we screwed up being human
till the hunter became the prey.

New Age

16 Jan

People say that times,
they are a changing, then
how is it the more they do
the more they stay the same?
We’re still pointing fingers
and trying to lay blame,
what a shame it is that so many
have been taught to function
so dysfunctionally that
now they’re popping pills
to get the same thrills
they used to feel naturally,
before their brains became ill
and all the hope drained
from this sickened society.
Seems like today everybody
is sedated, over medicated,
we can’t even relate anymore,
at least not to one another.
It used to be we were all
sisters and brothers, but now
we’ve all become total strangers
while a spiritual war rages outside,
and all we can seem to do is hide,
scared, behind closed doors,
just trying our best to survive,
except that’s not really living
it’s just waiting around to die.


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