Just A Thought…

17 Jan

The world is just darkness
and we all are its light,
we fill it up with our thoughts
and we perceive it by sight,
with our will we create,
with hands we make manifest,
the souls virtue a compass,
towards what’s best it directs,
so if that which we put out
is that which we take in,
let us all keep this in mind
lest we all create our own end.

The Great Transformation

16 Jan

I remember being alone,
I remember the hunt,
the chase,
and the kill,
I remember how the
taste of blood was
the true thrill of victory;
but no longer are we wild,
savage beasts untamed,
we became domesticated,
shameful restrained animals
too mild and timid in our ways,
so harmless, so helpless,
so senselessly useless,
we have given up control
and forgotten how to do this,
we screwed up being human
till the hunter became the prey.

New Age

16 Jan

People say that times,
they are a changing, then
how is it the more they do
the more they stay the same?
We’re still pointing fingers
and trying to lay blame,
what a shame it is that so many
have been taught to function
so dysfunctionally that
now they’re popping pills
to get the same thrills
they used to feel naturally,
before their brains became ill
and all the hope drained
from this sickened society.
Seems like today everybody
is sedated, over medicated,
we can’t even relate anymore,
at least not to one another.
It used to be we were all
sisters and brothers, but now
we’ve all become total strangers
while a spiritual war rages outside,
and all we can seem to do is hide,
scared, behind closed doors,
just trying our best to survive,
except that’s not really living
it’s just waiting around to die.


15 Jan

When the bottom falls out
of “Rock Bottom”,
you know you have a problem
that can’t be solved
without absolution,
that can’t be fixed
without assistance;
the truth may set you free
but it’s so much easier
to let the lie persist
that the ending has a twist,
when the truth is
yours is just a story
of twisting in the wind,
and in the end, eventually,
you get what you deserve.


9 Jan

You’re foul, out of style,
and your times up,
you had a chance
but you passed,
now you’re washed up,
wasted, too hasty,
your greed, distasteful,
your heart, hateful,
and it’s too late,
your skins aging,
looks fading, you’re
keeping legs spread
but your beds empty,
and eventually no man
will ever fill that void,
devoid of any soul,
you’re just destined
to be alone, a phony,
going through the motions
with no emotion, lonely,
because in the end
nobody ever adores
a used up whore,
loves been forsaken
now you can’t make it,
and even with yourself
you’ll still be faking it.

R.I.P Rebecca

8 Jan

I’m in love with you
I screamed into the void,
trying to avoid the
inevitable onslaught
of apathetic sympathy,
a practiced symphony
of false bereavement,
I beg my memory
to cast me back to a time
before the oxygen and
feeding tubes consumed
all I had left of you,
before the world took
everything I held sacred,
before I had to see what
this disease could offer,
the ugly face of death
that reared its head
before I’d emptied all
the tears that I had left,
before I’d said my
very last goodbyes,
before you were gone
and the last of your life
had slipped from your eyes.

New Beginnings

3 Jan

The days pass by as
they’ve always done,
but thoughts of you fade
each passing moment,
like the colour vanishes
from the autumn leaves,
and the bleak, bitter cold
from the absence of your
reciprocated affection,
gives way to the warmth
of new possibilities like
the death of winter turns
to new life in the spring.
Now I find myself singing
to a beautiful human being,
who has made all the pain
and suffering you caused me
seem like a distant memory,
and soon every trace of you
will be erased and replaced
with an honest love that will
never know of those bounds.


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