Soldiers of Progress


Flip the switch
turn on the lights
electricity moves along
fast as lightning
moving, rotating
mechanical and robotic
breathing life
into creation
The slow steady hum
of awakening begins
the natural flowing beauty
suddenly takes form
mutating and shaping
geometric angles
so mathmaticlly percise
cutting through blue skies
gears grinding wood
to pulp
Hard cold concrete
smothering soft earth
drilling, blasting rock
scaring majestic mountains
Patent leather boots
stomping and marching
heavy lead bullets
piercing and ripping
supple warm flesh
crimson red blood
dripping and running
sharp steel claws
scraping and digging
the dirt, for graves
stacking and piling
lifeless limp bodies
The sharp iron chisle
pounded by the hammer
etches and carves
the granite headstones
the axis is silent and still
as the world
spinning and turning
seems not to notice
that beneath its skin
lay the soldiers
of progress

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